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Trent Getsch

WAY better than the “old” way to move!

Heads up! If you or someone you know have a move planned in the future, look up We had the opportunity to use these boxes on our recent move. What a GREAT idea. It made our move faster, more organized, and CHEAPER. (The movers were able to stack and load these hard side, reusable boxes so much more quickly than the typical brown boxes. When you’re paying by the hour for movers, this means real dollars.) The Tree Hugger Moving Boxes were dropped off for us in advance of our packing, and picked up at our new house when we were done. Easy. 303-550-4220. We are so grateful we had this option.


5 star review for convenience, sustainability and value

Loved not having to scramble for boxes before moving. This is a great option that really takes care of one of the hassles of moving. I also like the fact that boxes are reusable and so there is not a bunch of cardboard you need to dispose of after you move. Thank you Eric for making this process so easy!